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The associates come up with new products and services every now and then, the company will make sure that they can reach and inform you about it. The customer service will be available for customers 24x7 and help out with all payments, and refunds if any.

Customer's regular health care physician is also contacted so that the company has all the updates for the customer.

Identity Verification Service

This service is used in order to check users details which are compared with different sources. Sources like electoral roll and credit reference agencies. If there is a problem in verifying the identity using these means, usually be contacted and requested for more evidence for the identity.

Value For Your Money

The prices of products that the website supplies are constantly checked with the price that other suppliers are offering so that we give the customer the best price for the product that they have chosen. If there is an instance that product on this website is offered for even lesser by other brands, the company will make sure to match that price for you but some criteria must be met.


The product that our website is offering must have exactly same as that offered by the other company, meaning the brand, size, strength, and quantity must all be same. If the other company is offering a discount because they want to promote that product, in this case, we cannot match the price.

Cancellation Made Simple For Customers

The consumers have the full right to cancel the contract. This means that if the consumers after a certain period of time change their mind and don't want to receive any products for any reason, the consumer can notify the company regarding this and they will receive a refund.

But the refund does not apply to certain products like cosmetics, perfumes, accessories like hair, clothes, hair products, food products, and some medical products. Medical products or services which was given on prescription or free under the company's agreement also cannot receive a refund for this.

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